Request for Proposals

NYSNLA Seeking Proposals
Exclusive Benefit Partner for Insurance Services

Deadline for Submission:  August 20, 2021 



The New York State Nursery and Landscape Association (NYSNLA) seeks a proactive and creative Exclusive Benefit Partner (EBP) for Insurance Services to its members and the association.

In 2020, the association implemented a new operational model to set-up NYSNLA as a modern, 21st century professional association. NYSNLA successfully navigate the COVID-19 global pandemic and is using its new momentum to build a larger and dynamic association serving the needs of nursery and landscape professionals and the Green Industry across the breadth of New York State.   

This RFP has been issued to find fresh approaches to a very important membership benefit—insurance to protect the many fine businesses, employees, resources, and customers of NYSNLA’s members.

About Us

The New York State Nursery and Landscape Association is a statewide professional trade association. NYSNLA is dedicated to advancing New York's nursery and landscape industries through promotion of sound business practices supported by education, relationships, and advocacy.

NYSNLA represents the interests and needs of all green industry professionals. This includes landscape professionals, lawn care professionals, nurseries, garden centers, equipment dealers and suppliers, among many other types of businesses. NYSNLA monitors trends, shares information and advocates for the industry on issues of importance. It also provides educational resources and networking opportunities to help members strengthen industry connections.

Every business joining NYSNLA also joins at least one of our eight regional associations. Each regional association operates its own board while working together with the state association to deliver quality programs and member benefits.

NYSNLA's Certified Nursery & Landscape Professional program works to improve the professional standards of the nursery, landscape and garden center industries by giving special recognition to individuals demonstrating a high level of competence in the principles and practices of the industry. CLNP designation is a high-level industry achievement, recognized by the gardening public as well. 


NYSNLA has a core group of 400 members, located in every region of New York State.  Membership consists of companies, self-employed, and associates—all with insurance needs.

The association has been targeting those members who lapsed during the uncertainty of the pandemic and has begun to see these members returning to the full and active status.  We expect the see the membership rolls expand as the nation continues to come out of the pandemic and returns to normal in 2022.  We are currently preparing for an extensive 2022 membership recruitment and retention drive, kicking-off by November 1, 2021.   

To date, in 2021, over 1,100 professionals have taken part in NYSNLA virtual professional development and networking events. We are currently planning our first in-person event—the association’s Court of Honor, and public displays and presentations at the Great New York State Fair in August.

Over 2,400 have visited the Virtual Exhibit Hall that showcases the sponsors and supporters of our Virtual Education Series. Our social media presence ad outreach has seen excellent growth over the past year. 

Scope of Services

NYSNLA members are proud of the businesses they have built and grown and want to make sure they are fully protected as they employ a range of workforce options, use heavy equipment, operate facilities, such as retail locations and greenhouses that are open to the public, use a variety of chemicals and pesticides in their work environment, and in New York State winters, use snowplows and other snow clearing equipment.

NYSNLA seeks a dynamic partner in the insurance industry to be designated its Exclusive Benefit Partner for Insurance Services. This partnership would include:

  • Providing a range of insurance services and products to meet the needs of NYSNLA’s members, including business liability, property, auto, etc.
  • Provide New York State Statutory Disability Insurance.]
  • The EBP will provide an annual written report to NYSNLA that will provide a full overview of the number of NYSNLA members who take advantage of insurance offerings, etc. This annual report will include: total number of NYSNLA members served, breakdowns by each service/program/product, number of NYSNLA and Regional events attended, and list of staff who worked with NYSNLA members and staff during the year.
  • The EBP will be invited to make a presentation at the Year-End Board of Directors Meeting in December.
  • NYSNLA will provide the EBP with a report outlining the full exposure the EBP received through the partnership with NYSNLA, including website, social media, e-communications, and event exposure.
  • Annually and, at least 90 days prior to the expiration of coverage, the EBP will provide NYSNLA with several competitive quotes for both its Directors and Officers, and Business Liability coverage. This will allow NYSNLA’s leadership to choose coverage that best suits its needs and budget.
  • Please discuss your experience working with the State Insurance Fund and how your company would approach setting-up and administering a safety group for NYSNLA members and those in the Green Industry.    
  • Provide any other pertinent information or details of why you believe your company would be a good fit as the NYSNLA Exclusive Benefit Partner for Insurance Services.
  • As a New York State professional association, NYSNLA prefers partnering with an Exclusive Benefit Partner located and familiar with business in the Empire State. 

NYSNLA Marketing & Promotional Campaign for the Exclusive Benefit Partner

As part of this partnership, NYSNLA will provide the following annual, full-service marketing and promotional campaign to the Exclusive Benefit Partner:

  • A major unveiling and launch of the new partnership across all NYSNLA communications platforms (website, social media, newsletter, e-mail, and mailing).
  • Top placement, above all others, on all sponsorship listings.
  • A portal prominently featured on the NYSNLA website homepage, featuring your company logo and the phrase “Exclusive Benefit Partner for Your Insurance Needs”—which leads to…  
  • An exclusive landing page that will feature all services/products offered by your company. NYSNLA will provide as many webpages as needed to properly feature the content/text and images provided.
  • Cross-references and links to the EBP landing page from the Membership Benefits page and any other references to insurance or member benefits on the website. 
  • Your company logo listed on the Membership Benefits page.
  • Exposure through Membership in NYSNLA, as well as, all of our eight (8) Regions.     
  • Inclusion on all NYSNLA co-branded marketing and promotional materials, including event banners, signage ad programs.
  • Membership lists with complete contact information to be provided bi-annually.
  • Member referrals and introductions upon request.
  • Quarterly exposure in Excelsior Green, our newsletter—including a full page, color advertisement and feature space for an article.
  • Up to 12 e-blasts annually, featuring specific services/products offered by the EBP, with links to the website. 
  • Quarterly “mini-articles” of interest to be headline features in e-blasts, i.e. snow plowing protection.
  • EBP will be featured across NYSNLA social media platforms, in conjunction with association supporter acknowledgements and special features built around “mini-article” blast emails or insurance program deadlines.
  • Opportunity for posting of EBP video clips on NYSNLA website and social media.
  • Annual insurance townhall/webinar to promote services and products, and answer member questions. Webinar will be recorded and made available on the website.
  • Featured and acknowledged at all NYSNLA in-person and virtual events.
  • Opportunity to distribute information and giveaways at NYSNLA events, such as the Court of Honor and Courtyard presentations at the Great New York State Fair.
  • Inclusion of EBP-designed flyer, tri-fold brochure or rack card in annual NYSNLA membership recruitment and retention mailing in the fall. 
  • Opportunity to annually present to the NYSNLA Board of Directors at the year-end meeting.
  • Annual review and report-out on the marketing and promotional campaign, with analysis and statistics.
  • Other insurance brokers or companies that are NYSNLA members may participate as sponsors, but cannot compete with the Exclusive Benefit Partner’s standing as the recognized source for insurance by NYSNLA.
  • NYSNLA also welcomes additional marketing and collaborative promotional ideas from the EBP to enhance the insurance membership benefits.
  • NYSNLA seeks a minimum of $20,000.00 for the above listed Exclusive Benefit Partner services, marketing and promotions, scheduled as quarterly payments.    

Proposal Content

In responding to this RFP, proposals should include all of the following information:

I.   Company background and history.
II.  Name, title and full contact information of the principal contact for the proposal.
III. List of your company professionals with whom NYSNLA would be working with in making a new partnership a reality (names, titles, roles).
IV. Respond to all the requirements outlined in the Scope of Services (found above); and in addition items V – IX below: 
V.  Describe your company’s philosophy and approach to working collaboratively with a partner, and how you market and promote insurance programs.
VI. Address how you would promote and provide services across the expanse and regions of New York State.  Where geographically in the state does your company have strength? Where are you trying to penetrate deeper into the market? 
VII. Address any experience that your company has in working with nursery and landscape professionals and the Green Industry.
VIII. Offer any additional ideas you might have regarding the proposed NYSNLA Marketing & Promotional Campaign for the Exclusive Benefit Partner (see above).
IX.  Provide any additional information or ideas on how you would make a partnership with NYSNLA successful.  

Proposal Submission

All proposals must be formatted with responses labeled to correspond with the Roman numeral-items listed above.  Any additional information or support documents can be included as appendices.

Proposals should be paginated.  Any additional

Company must submit proposal in both a PDF and Word document.   

All proposals must be submitted electronically to NYSNLA by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, August 20, 2021. Any proposals received after this date and time will not be considered.

Proposals should be sent to: [email protected] with “Insurance EBP RFP” in the subject line. 

RFP Timeline

June 30, 2021 - Release of RFP for Services

August 20, 2021 - Proposals due to NYSNLA Office by 5:00 p.m.

August 23, 2021 - Review of Proposals begins

August 30, 2021 - Interviews Begin

September 6, 2021 - Interviews continue following Labor Day holiday

September 20, 2021 - Exclusive Benefit Partner for Insurance awarded

October 1, 2021 - Exclusive Benefit Partner for Insurance announced to NYSNLA Membership, Supporters and the Green Industry in New York State


Any questions regarding the RFP should be addressed the NYSNLA Office via e-mail at: [email protected] or (518) 580-4063. 


  • The incumbent insurance services provider will be submitting a proposal. This proposal will receive the same review and scrutiny as all proposals submitted via this RFP process. 
  • Good luck to all bidding on this important NYSNLA Member Benefit and Service.