NYSNLA / LMN-Greenius Member Benefit Program 

We’ve Partnered with Landscape Management Network to Bring You the
#1 Business Management Software and Training for Landscapers

Learn how your landscaping business wins with this partnership...

We’re excited to announce that NYSNLA has partnered with LMN, the industry leading Business Management Software. LMN recently acquired Greenius, the best-in-class platform on employee development, retention and engagement. We are also happy to announce we are partnering on BOTH platforms! LMN’s efforts to provide an effective business management and training platform aligns with NYSNLA’s mission to establish industry standards and educate landscape professionals.

LMN proudly represents both the green and snow industries. They provide industry owners the ability to streamline best practices, attract new talent, and retain staff. By ensuring business owners that their budgets are in order for a successful season and a high value onboarding experience demonstrates the care and attention given by the organization to ensure the success of the employee, improving employee retention by 82%.

As a member of NYSNLA, you will receive from Greenius:

  • 2 months Free Greenius LMN Software ($194 savings)
  • Unlimited users for 2 months ($99 savings)
  • Unlimited courses for 2 months
  • Free Software Implementation ($347 savings)
  • Total Savings: $640
Learn More about Greenius for NYSNLA Members!

As a member of NYSNLA, you will receive LMN Business Management Software:

  • On the purchase of LMN's Pro+ Business Management Software, save 25% off Software Implementation ($211 savings)
  • 2 months Free LMN Business Management Software ($788 savings)
  • Free Unlimited users for 2 months ($400+ value)
  • Total Savings: $1000+
Learn More about LMN for NYSNLA Members!

LMN and Greenius make it simple and easy to develop rockstar crews using on-demand training and 360-degree employee reviews whether you’re at the office or in the field. See how OGS Landscaping benefits from Greenius Training


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