NYSNLA at the Great New York State Fair - August 2022
Our Court of Honor Ceremony  

This is it! The Great New York State Fair opens on August 24 and we are back to holding our Court of Honor in the Courtyard of the Horticulture Building. NYSNLA has worked hard on its plans to be present and promoting New York State's incredible nursery and landscape professionals.

OPENING DAY! We will have images from our Court of Honor and full acknowledgements of all those who made our presence at the New York State Fair possible later today...stay tuned!    

Meet Our 2022 Annual Awards Recipients

CNLP of the Year
Elizabeth Berkeley, CNLP
Hall of Fame
Beth Fry, Lifetime CNLP
Dr. George L. Good
Gold Medal of Horticulture
Thomas Mitchell

Our 2022 Courtyard Design Focus: A Sensory Garden

NYSNLA has, once again, transformed the Courtyard of the Horticulture Building into a Sensory Garden, where the public can enjoy experiencing and learning about this type of garden as they take in the Fairgrounds. 

What is a Sensory Garden? A sensory garden is a garden that has a collection of plants and other elements that are appealing to move or more of the five senses: sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch. Sensory gardens should be accessible for all people to enjoyed--disabled and non-disabled.  

Learn More About Sensory Gardens 

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