CNLP Program - Updated for 2022 

As a Certified Nursery & Landscape Professional (CNLP) in New York State, you'll join an elite group of green industry professionals dedicated to continuing their education and growing as professionals. The CNLP program advances the professional standards of the nursery, landscape and garden center industries. The designation recognizes individuals demonstrating a high level of competence in the principles and practices of this industry.

A Program Re-Set for 2022 - New Information!

This is the recording of the CNLP Virtual Workshop held on February 8, 2022.
The video contains very useful information about the re-set and re-launch of CNLP in 2022,
as well as a tour of CNLP resources on the NYSNLA website and our new CNLP Manual.
(The video is ~38 minutes in length.)

Click here to view/download the presentation slides.

We have used the pandemic to reorganize and re-set the CNLP Program—including new information, database, credits tracker, and processes. We have been conducting a CNLP Census—and we thank the hundreds of you who have returned their census form and providing us with updated contact information.  View/Download CNLP Program Updates shown below.

Didn't Return Census or Having Trouble Accessing Your CNLP Profile?
If you did not return the Census or have trouble accessing your online profile, CLICK HERE to complete a bridge form to get you on track.  

We undertook all this work because certification is a major accomplishment in our industry. It is not only a measure of your knowledge in our field, but it is also recognition of your commitment to the industry. There are relatively few who have attained and maintained the CNLP status in New York State, which marks you as a true professional. Additionally, those certified as CNLP have reciprocity with the states that are members of the Great Lakes Nursery and Landscape Leadership Consortium—so if you wish—you can obtain the certification from those states to add to your marketability. 

Below please find important information you will need to ensure your full participation and compliance in the CNLP Program going forward. 

CNLP Program Updates

  • All current CNLP holders are still in a grace period, due to the pandemic. The CNLP Program has resumed in 2022. 

  • We have re-set the CNLP renewal deadlines, extending them for an additional year, due to the impact of the pandemic.
    12/31/20 Renewal Date - Extended to 12/31/21.
    Note: For those still working on meeting this deadline, you have a grace period until 4/30/22. As long as your renewal is completed by then, your certification will remain in good standing.

    12/31/21 Renewal Date - Extended to 12/31/22.

    12/31/22 Renewal Date - Extended to 12/31/23.   
  • CNLP Exams for some Regions were not held in 2020. If you were registered to take the exam and it was cancelled, your registration is still valid and the Regional CNLP Chair will contact you when the exam is scheduled in 2022.

  • Review/Prep Sessions: Click here for Region 1/LINLA's Schedule. Check with your Region for additional opportunities.

  • No CNLP exams were held in 2021. Exams for new CNLPs will resume in 2022. Anyone who wishes to become a CNLP, can register now for the 2022 exam by clicking here. 
  • Regular program updates will be sent to all CNLP holders. 

New Credits Tracker
We have a new Credits Tracker, where you can find the CNLP credits you earn through NYSNLA, as well as upload your additional experiences. CLICK HERE for step-by-step instructions for using this new online resource.  

Need Credits for Your Current Recertification Period? 
We are offering a special discount to CNLP holders. You can take the on-demand webinars from the Virtual Education Series for a 50% discount. To take a webinar, please go to our On-Demand Webinar StoreCNLP can request a special discount code by sending a request to the NYSNLA Office at [email protected].  

Also…the New CNLP Manual has been released!
The New CNLP Manual is here! Each chapter has been revised and updated with current information, photos and links. The new manual is an electronic version that is accessible by logging-in through the CNLP login on the NYSNLA website. The advantage of this electronic version is that it can be updated at any point and will have clickable links to outside resources. 

Attention Outside Organizations/Agencies Seeking CNLP Credits - New!

Qualified nonprofit organizations and agencies can request CNLP credits for courses, workshops, and interactive programs that benefit the Green Industry and nursery/landscape professionals in New York State.  We now have a simplified online form that, when completed, will provide the Professional Development/CNLP Committee with the information it needs to review and approve the request. CLICK HERE to apply for CNLP Credits for your program. 

Who Qualifies as a CNLP?

Candidates who:

  • Have graduated from a recognized two- or four-year college with a degree in a horticulture-related field, or
  • Have completed a minimum of three years of experience in the horticulture industry

Once they've met those qualifications, they may register for the certification exam.

To retain certification, CNLPs must complete a recertification exam every three years or submit preapproved education and training credits proving their ongoing education and commitment to the field. The program is exclusively administered by the New York State Nursery & Landscape Association, Inc.

Click here to learn more about becoming a CNLP.

If you are already a CNLP, click here to learn about recertifying and becoming a Senior or Lifetime CNLP.

Why Seek a CNLP for Your Project?

When you make the decision to invest in landscaping and enhancing the beauty of your home, you can feel good about working with a professional who has achieved the prestigious Certified Nursery & Landscape Professional designation.

Members of the nursery and landscape industry and Cornell University experts designed the program. CNLPs train in a wide range of subjects from plant pests and diseases to weeds and weed control, and much more.

Because of their intense training, you can be confident that the CNLP is there to make your yard a garden paradise without the worry, leaving you more time to enjoy your outdoor space!

Click here to learn more about the benefits of working with a CNLP.